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    We work with artists to make music videos that are a creative visual extension of the song they have created.
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    We direct, produce and edit dynamic short films that push boundaries and capture audience’s imaginations.
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    Supporting charities across the world, Blonde provides a platform for communities to tell their story.
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    Using the best technologies available we film live music events with crystal clear sound quality.

Blonde Films For Brands

We believe that film is for everyone. If there is a story to be told there is a film to be made. Here at Blonde, we create bespoke films to engage audiences and deliver powerful messages.


We work as the creative extension for agencies, brands and organisations to produce compelling content. Our work ranges from the traditional to the experimental and everything in-between.


Simply put – we love film. And as it happens, we know film too. If you want your message captured on screen we’ve got the passion and knowledge to make it happen.


Whether you’re cultivating a vision or need some inspiration, pick up the phone and let’s share some ideas. Seriously, we could talk about film all day.

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